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No Karen I Don T Want To Join Your Team Or Buy Your Sh*t: An Anti MLM Rant
Gerald Parker profile pictureGerald Parker
·4 min read
The Poetics Of A Plague A Haiku Diary: The 2024 COVID 19 Lockdown
Ian Mitchell profile pictureIan Mitchell
·6 min read
In A Classroom Of Their Own: The Intersection Of Race And Feminist Politics In All Black Male Schools (Dissident Feminisms)
Ernest J. Gaines profile pictureErnest J. Gaines
·4 min read
Strip Thomas Perry
Jimmy Butler profile pictureJimmy Butler

Strip Thomas Perry: A Master of Suspense and the Art of...

In the realm of crime fiction, where darkness...

·5 min read
Taxing Freddy: To Rob A Criminal (The Mike Donelly 1)
Manuel Butler profile pictureManuel Butler

The Mike Donnelly Heist: A Tale of Greed and Deception

In the annals of crime, the name Mike Donnelly...

·6 min read
Modish Crochet Hats (Annie S Crochet)
Brian Bell profile pictureBrian Bell
·4 min read

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